Your Sponsorship Package is considered a donation to SupaGarage and helps build a strong community all over the world. Your donation helps you and each member receive access to discounts and aftermarket performance companies that are participating in our network. All donations are used to expand operations in our organization/community.


Why do I need to redonate annually?


Every donation has an impact. When considering poverty in our world today, it is something that can make us think that there is nothing we can do. However, that is not true. As a group of enthusiasts who all have a goal of taking care of each other with a family mindset, poverty can be solved. SupaGarage is not only here to build a community, we are here to help those in need, donate to charity and be a part of any event that has a true cause.

Sponsorship Renewal

  • Why should I renew my sponsorship?

    Why should I renew my sponsorship? 


    The answer to that is: We are locked in this year :) Previously, there was a lot of questions on how we would run our sponsorship and all of it was new to us. This year we have everything organized and locked in. As any business that is first starting out, there are always questions to be answered. This year is all about you and making sure we are taking care of YOU. We will be in closer contact with you and have created some new programs that members can qualify for to have more access to larger discounts and other benefits. We are not here temporarily. We will be in the car scene until the end of the world and we are so happy about that. Our community is all about giving back and we want to make sure we do everything we can to take care of you this year!

  • How it Works

    Once you've renewed your sponsorship, your Sponsorship File will be automatically be recreated in our system. In this file, we will keep track of your part requests, progress on your build, how many people you have brought into our family, etc. Your sponsorship packet will be instantly available for download in your cart once you renew your sponsorship. This includes all information on how the new sponsorship system will work.  You will also receive a monthly newsletter via email with new benefits and things you can do to get parts, gear, etc. 


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