Frequently asked questions

How long is the sponsorship?

We ask that our members renew annually. Meaning, if you donate on 3-17-2019, your sponsorship is valid until 3-17-2020. We know our sponsorship is fair because the amount of discounts members will receive throughout the year is always more than initial donation. We ask that members redonate to continue to be part of our family and show support.

How do I get featured on the instagram?

Please send high quality photos to SupaGarageMedia@gmail.com for our media team to review. You will be added to a cue and have your picture posted on our instagram.

What free parts will I receive from you guys?

Initially, when you first start your sponsorship with us, the free products/accessories you will receive are focused on merchandise and parts we release to help you promote SupaGarage. We strive to make them beneficial for your car so they are not too general. Once you have been a member with us for 3-4 months, we have additional programs you can apply for that will give you access to “bigger scale” discounts on parts ($400-$800 discounts) and other benefits.

Why do members have to pay for sponsorship?

Previously, we have had experiences with members getting free/discounted parts and after we have gone through the trouble to hook them up, they disappear off social media and we can't get in contact with them. Our work is not credited and we lose the custom work that was done. We do not believe in “social media shaming” and things are never resolved that way. As mentioned, we do not require a contract for our Sponsorship but we do require that all members show their support. It was decided by Matt that each member shows their support by purchasing the "Sponsorship Package" which essentially acts as a Membership fee. It includes our gear and shows that you are supporting this as more of a family rather than just a team.

I have 2 vehicles. Can you sponsor both of my cars?

We require each vehicle you own to have its own Sponsorship Package. Each vehicle is created in our system under your name. If you have more than one car you would like us to sponsor, we can always work something out with you for your additional sponsorship packages by offering discounts, etc. We will make it fair for you. We can sponsor as many of your vehicles as you’d like.

My car is down and I haven’t been able to make my sponsorship video. Can I still get discounts on parts?

Yes, you can still get discounts on parts. We are here to help you with your build in every way we can. Communication is key. If your car is down and you need help getting some parts to get it back up and running, please let us know. Send us an email and let us work with you throughout the rebuild process. We are here to help!

Are the discounts on parts a one-time thing? How does that work?

There is no limit to how many parts you can get discounts on. We have all of the connections to assist you. The only thing we ask is that you not be “bashful”. Meaning, we are not in favor of those that join SupaGarage just so they can get hundreds and hundreds of dollars off parts. We are all a family and ALWAYS happy to hook you up with the best deals, we only ask that you are always going out of your way to represent us and we will always go out of our way to get you the best deals.


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